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Guidelines for visitors

Box Office

The box office closes one hour before the Museum’s closing time.

Cloakroom and clothing

Visitors are requested to place the following items in the cabinets in the special area:

  • Walking sticks, umbrellas and pointed, sharp or blunt objects. Crutches and walking sticks for seniors and invalids are allowed.
  • Luggage, bags, backpacks, helmets, shopping bags, and anything that could damage the artworks.

The Museum is furnished with lockers available for visitors. Bulky luggage will be stored in a locked room.
Management disclaims any responsibility for the theft of property placed in the cloakroom.
Prams and wheelchairs are allowed in the exhibition areas.

Artworks enjoyment

Visitors are requested not to touch the artworks: to do so may cause damage.
Please note that penalties are provided by law for damages to artworks, and that teachers are responsible for their students.
For the enjoyment of all, visitors are requested to follow museum signs and directions.


Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed in the whole building.


Wastebaskets are available outside the exhibition area. Please do not leave any rubbish in the exhibition area.


Except for guide dogs no pets are allowed into the building.


Eating or drinking is not allowed in the exhibition area.


Permission, in advance, from Management, is required for It is necessary to ask Management for professional video or photo />All photos and video rights about concerning the exhibit are the property of the City of Prato.
The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work without a licence granted by the City is strictly forbidden.

Mobile phones

Visitors are requested to switch off their mobile phones.


Security staff are available to give general information about the exhibition itinerary, the artworks, and the City’s cultural attractions. However, security staff are primarily responsible for the security of artworks and for the success of the tours. Visitors are requested to follow their directions at all times.
Visitors are requested to speak only to our staff (tour guides and hostess/stewards).
Staff have the right to check your ticket by request during the whole exhibit itinerary: please, keep your ticket with you until the end of the tour.

Group behaviour

Tours can only be led by authorized people: tour guides, teachers, museum staff or people authorized by Management.
Groups and schools must book tours in advance by calling: 0574 1837859.
Audio guides are included in the ticket price.
Groups must consist of a minimum number of 10 people and a maximum of 25.
Each group has to nominate a lead person. Teachers are considered the leader of their classes. Leaders are responsible for keeping the group together and ensuring good behaviour.
Groups must follow staff instruction, and respect the itinerary and the security rules of the building.
Please note that the longest available tour lasts for 90 minutes. For longer visits, please ask the box office and the hostess/stewards in advance.

It is not permitted to join a guided tour without a valid group ticket.

Building and visitors safety protection

The security staff are responsible for the safety of visitors: in case of emergency alarm, visitors must strictly follow staff directions.
It is strictly forbidden to commit actions that could damage people or goods.
Every incident or anything out of the ordinary must be reported to the security staff.
In case of attempted theft, Management may, for security reasons, carry out actions such as blocking access and checking exits.
In case of fire, please remain calm, follow staff directions and head towards the nearest emergency exit in an orderly fashion.
In the case of overbooking and in any situation that may damage people or goods, Management may carry out security measures such as temporarily closing the Museum or changing opening times.
Management reserves the right of maintaining any security measure necessary to guarantee the safety of people and goods.

Any damage caused by a visitor is the sole responsibility of that visitor. Management does not accept responsibility for any damage to people and goods caused by visitors.
Parents or tutors are responsible for their minors.
Any unauthorized business whatsoever is forbidden within the Museum.
Anyone who does not follow these rules will be expelled from the Museum, and may be prosecuted by law.
Visitors can provide using the specific placed in the ticket office.