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Welcome back Filippino!

Promoted by the Italian Cultural and Foreign Affairs Ministries together with the Italian Embassy in Tokyo in order to celebrate the Italian Year in Japan, it’s been held the exhibition “Botticelli and its time” at the Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo. Our two masterpieces by Filippino Lippi and Fra Diamante are back on view to Palazzo Pretorio Museum after three months within this successful show, with more than 300 thousand visitors.

Jacques and Yulla Lipchitz

The Lipchitz works in Prato: a story with a happy ending

There are times when you feel that life has a meaning and a continuity. This is what I feel today as, together with my city, I celebrate the arrival of the 43 drawings and the 21 plaster pieces by Jacques Lipchitz that will find a home in the Municipal Museum of Prato. These are a donation from the attorney Hanno D. Mott, son of Mrs. Yulla Lipchitz.