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High Accessibility Belt: the first Museum in Tuscany which uses the AAC

PalazzoPretorioMuseum, in collaboration with CoopCulture, has elaborated a project so that the use of services can be completely accessible. The room dedicated to the “Holy Belt” is provided with communication support instruments to satisfy the needs of people with particular communicative necessities or those who require aid for communication and comprehension.


In Prato a museum everyday. An always accessible heritage

Every day of the week visitors will always find an open museum, which is ready to welcome them: the offer of Pratomusei system guarantees 7 days a week full accessibility to the public. Thanks to the alternating closures it is possible to visit PalazzoPretorioMuseum and Cathedral Museum also on Mondays. 

Belvedere Opening all the weekends

The panoramic terrace, integral part of the exhibition, is a jewel; the new Prato Belvedere, is again usable since August 2015. A privileged vista to enjoy Prato as in a postcard from the roof of Palazzo Pretorio: our terrace offers suggestive views that can be captured with the lens. 

Palazzo Pretorio received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence

Someone defines it “wonderful and suprising”, someone considers it a “relaxing” place or “imposing and enchanting” and others emphasize the breathtaking view over the historical centre. These are the last, positive reviews on Palazzo Pretorio which appear on the famous travel site TripAdvisor and which permit to the museum to receive for the second time the “Certificate of Excellence”, only two years after its reopening.


Jacques and Yulla Lipchitz

The Lipchitz works in Prato: a story with a happy ending

There are times when you feel that life has a meaning and a continuity. This is what I feel today as, together with my city, I celebrate the arrival of the 43 drawings and the 21 plaster pieces by Jacques Lipchitz that will find a home in the Municipal Museum of Prato. These are a donation from the attorney Hanno D. Mott, son of Mrs. Yulla Lipchitz.