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Arrigo Del Rigo, disquietude and poetry of the early 20th century

From 21 January 2017 to 1 May 2017

Self-portrait of the artist with a strong face with a focused and determined expression

Arrigo del Rigo, Self-Portrait, 1927

A quick transit that left a deep furrow, Arrigo Del Rigo went through the history of the early 20th century scoring the art scene of his time with a lasting impression. Today to the painter from Prato, who died prematurely at the age of 24, the Palazzo Pretorio Museum dedicates the exhibition Arrigo Del Rigo. Disquietude and poetry of the early 20th century which will be inaugurated Saturday, 21st January at 4 p.m.
The new temporary exhibition, which is part of the path traced by the two just finished exhibitions, devoted to groups of works usually kept in the depots, not only wants to make public the recent acquisition of the Arrigo Del Rigo Fund, but also remember the pictorial suggestions of an artist who through foreshortenings, cartoons and portraits seems to speak constantly of his Prato. The exhibition, open until the 26th February, through 49 paintings knots the threads of a story that reveals an interest in incidents of daily life and that unfolds between the sites, the affections and the vicissitudes of the painter from Prato tragically died, probably suicidal, in 1932. Scenes of life in which the observation of reality reveals a tender irony, basically animated by a veiled poetry. Alongside the plot of the story, through the exhibition, are the testimonies of those who knew Arrigo Del Rigo, such as the friends of the School of Prato, the group of artists composed of Gino Brogi, Oscar Gallo, Quinto Martini, Leonetto Tintori and Giulio Pierucci who with Del Rigo shared a love for the arts declined in the different modes of expression.
The new tribute to the impressive Del Rigo poetry has been made possible thanks to Rotary Prato "Filippo Lippi" which financed the restoration of four of the paintings on exhibition, including the beautiful Self-portrait of 1931, curated by Rossella Tesi. In addition to the paintings of the temporary exhibition, finally, on the third floor of the museum it is possible to admire, between the paintings of the permanent collection, two works by Arrigo Del Rigo: Self-Portrait, 1927, Il Ponte Petrino (Petrino bridge), 1931.

Pretorio Storie

Arrigo Del Rigo. Inquietudine e poesia del primo Novecento.

Palazzo Pretorio, ground floor

21st January – 26th February 2017