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Classical art and contemporary music are mixed up, triggering a multi-sensory experience among the exhibition rooms of Palazzo Pretorio. Saturday, the 21st of April from 10 p.m., a special event to celebrate the fourth year since the reopening of the museum with Miraggi, a concert in headphones with the rhythms and atmospheres of three DJs of the electronic scene, each one on a different floor.

Miraggi is an event created by Veronica Caciolli who invites you to go through the seven centuries of history preserved in the museum through a renewed perception of times and spaces, synergetic and synaesthetic, emerging from sounds that evoke images and images that evoke sounds.

Gea Brown, (Alessandra Tempesti) sound artist, chooses to create on the first floor - dedicated to the Renaissance -, a soundscape that blends the wide range of vocal performance and sound, inspired by the happy example of Joan La Barbara. Wide and diversified the basin of 'traces' to which Gea Brown draws for her stratifications, from the pioneers of electronic music to the destructured rhythms of contemporary experimental techno contaminated by echoes of tribal music, to concrete sounds and noise matrix, without neglecting the Italian electronic and electroacoustic scene of the last years.

On the second floor, the large altarpieces from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, are immersed in the sound architectures of THX (Riccardo Tassi), which draw on a vast repertoire of ambient, experimental, techno and electro music. THX's great passion is the vinyl record, which has been a real 'obsession' since the '80s for him. His experience as a DJ sees him projected into electronic music, flanked by scratching, turntablism and the production of original songs.

The third floor, marked by the iconic sculptures of Lorenzo Bartolini and Jacques Lipchitz, overlooking the breathtaking view of the city, will instead express the sounds of Dan-I (Andrea Lenzi), fond of the most seductive black voices, from Africa to Latin America, up to Jazz and Soul. Discs and electronic music are a pretext to assemble a sound catalog of sensations and mentions. A way to discover and explore sound universes capable of integrating with the public. The perfect synthesis between a heart that pulsates away from the habit and the emotions that only the club culture can express.

Two hours of music in which sounds and images chase each other to celebrate with the visitors the fourth year of re-opening of the museum, with a midnight toast.

Last admission 11.45 p.m., music in headphones until midnight.
Ticket 6 euros, both for single entry and for a couple.

Info and reservations: 0574 1837860